“Through the use of action methods, we explore
unhealthy patterns of living in order to enhance creativity and spontaneity, leading to an improved quality of life.”


Monthly Experiential Training Group

This is a monthly experiential training group, with a specific focus on the Therapeutic Spiral Model, for health care professionals.


September to May
Saturday mornings 9:30 to 12:30


Fee: $60.00 per session

Since 2000, Choices in Action has been facilitating weekend intensive personal growth workshops for survivors of childhood trauma. Using the Therapeutic Spiral Model®, created by Dr. Kate Hudgins, the group structure and therapeutic team approach allows clients to work through their childhood trauma in a safe and efficient manner.

The next Therapeutic Spiral Model® weekend workshop:

Where I Begin and You End

A 3 Day Personal Growth Workshop on Boundaries—with Dr. Kate Hudgins, Ph.D., T.E.P.


This is a healing workshop for men and women who have experienced childhood trauma. We use the Therapeutic Spiral Model to create a safe space, build internal resources to confront the past from a place of healthy authority. It is essential that those who attend this workshop have access to an individual therapist.


Friday, May 24 and Saturday, May 25 2019
10:00 am to 5:30pm

Sunday, May 26
9:30 am to 2:30pm


Fee $600.00 after April 15th, 2019 | Early bird Rate $550.00
Lunch will be provided


Contact Monica: 613.823.3848 | monforst@gmail.com

Find all the information in our flyer:
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Monica has given numerous one and two day trainings in the community and in major cities in North America. Some of the trainings available are:

  • • Attachment Theory (2 day)
  • • Male Sexual Victimization (2 day) through the Men's Project
  • • Vicarious Trauma (2 day)
  • • Psychodramatic Techniques (1 or 2 days)
  • • Transference and Countertransference
  • • Ego State Theory (1 or 2 day)
  • • Drama Triangle (1 or 2 day)
  • • Trauma and Resiliency (2 day)
  • - Fees will vary depending on the number of facilitators (1 or 2).

For more information or to book an assessment, please call Monica at: 613.823.3848 or monforst@gmail.com.


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