“Through the use of action methods, we explore
unhealthy patterns of living in order to enhance creativity and spontaneity, leading to an improved quality of life.”

Monica Forst, M.Ed, CCC, ICADC, RP

Monica has been working as a health care professional for over 20 years. She is a psychotherapist in private practice since 1997 and is the co-founder of Choices in Action Counselling Services. Specializing in Addictions and Childhood Trauma, Monica does individual and couples therapy and currently runs a long term group therapy for the Physicians Health Program. She has facilitated group therapy programs for addictions, anger management and male survivors of childhood sexual and physical abuse.

Monica has received extensive training in Transactional Analysis and Psychodrama. A seasoned trainer and educator, she has presented on numerous psychotherapy issues for other health care professionals, both within the community and in other major cities in North America. She has presented on Transference/Countertransference, Attachment Theory, Male Sexual Victimization, Trauma and Resiliency, Vicarious Trauma and Psychodramatic Techniques. She is Clinical Associate and Senior Trainer for the Men's Project, a counselling agency for men and their families.

Monica leads personal growth intensive weekend workshops for clients suffering from childhood trauma. These workshops are facilitated in a group therapy setting.

Monica works under the supervision of a registered psychologist, Dr. Brenda Saxe.

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